Day: May 13, 2017

Kingdom Hearts BBS – Heart-Filled Box


Boy, I think to myself, BBS sure is peppered with tiny, idiot ball narrative mistakes. It’s a story about a man who would believe any authority figure that talks to him, even if their head is literally ablaze with hellfire, a boy who believes the very suggestion that his big brother might change to the degree that he runs away from home, and a young woman who is so respectful to traditional authority that it takes her ages to trust her closest, should-be-most-trusted friends. But I already blew all my Idiot Ball jokes during KH2! I had better go gentle on it and just make it clear that stupid decisions are being made when they’re made. But that’s not going to be enough on its own! I need a centrepiece! Some atmospherically ludicrous moment of bending over backwards to serve the plot at the cost of the character’s intelligence! The twenty-layer wedding cake spectacular at the middle of the buffet table that is this Retrospective!

Hans Christian Andersen, do I love content that writes itself! (more…)