Day: April 29, 2017

Kingdom Hearts BBS – Fighting has CONSEQUENCES?

Since Terra has no particular objective at this point, the game teleports him back to the the lower levels of the aqueduct, where he’s greeted by a familiar stranger: Braig, whom we saw at the end of Ven’s storyline. Dressed in a palace uniform and a torn red scarf, Braig is still in possession of both eyes, has no scar on his face. His eyes are not yet yellow, and while this was visible in Ven’s storyline, I forgot to mention that his hair is all black instead of black striped with grey like Xigbar’s. Speaking of the uniform, Braig’s connection to the palace goes largely unexplained until a much later scene, and you could be excused for not noticing the uniform under that scarf, especially if you came to Terra’s storyline first and have yet to catch sight of Dilan and Aeleus with Ven!