Day: April 27, 2017

Final Fantasy VII – Default Victory!

ffvii-2017-04-17-16h40m13s098At this point, you actually get to keep the submarine as a vehicle, ala FFV. Fun fact: if you lose in the submarine minigame, you do lose the Huge Materia, but you can get a nifty red submarine instead of the grey one! As I complained earlier, they’re both slower than drifting along with the current.

After the battle, we got a message from Shinra themselves, mistaking us for a legitimate submarine and apparently having received no news about the recently sunk submarine. They told us to report to the Junon airport, and Cloud said that we should do so immediately, even if it meant leaving the Huge Materia behind. Kyle and I ignored him, fetching the stuff on the spot (and I see RickyC does the same!). We also went to visit another area that you could only access with the submarine. This was the ruins of a “Gelnika,” and yes, the proper phrasing does seem to be “a Gelnika,” not “the Gelnika,” as “Gelnika” is a class of airplane (airship?). This Gelnika served as a hidden area and bonus dungeon. There, we were promptly mauled to death by a Poodler. (more…)