Day: April 20, 2017

Final Fantasy VII – Weaponized Industrial Accidents

ffvii-2017-04-17-16h21m08s239Plunging into the Lifestream, Tifa finds herself in a void, threatened by voices of people the player cannot see, before she finally wakes up in a strange world that she (rather quickly and astutely) recognizes as Cloud’s subconscious, made up of places from his past. There were also three memory-copies of Cloud in the area, alongside a giant, if… yet again unfortunately… comical vision of Cloud in pain in the background. I’ll admit that that last one’s probably only funny to me and not anybody else. Anyone who’s read the Kingdom Hearts 2 Retrospective knows that I find giant humans to be hilarious rather than threatening, and certainly not emotive, and the slow motion makes it so much worse for me. (more…)