Day: April 18, 2017

Kingdom Hearts BBS – Violent Percussion

After crossing the boss arena, the game basically skips the entire walk from the Tremaine manor to the castle, dumping you right in the courtyard from the garden. Here you can fight Unversed both in and around a large fountain, and can find a save point – and hey, did you know that save points in this game disappear if Unversed are nearby? Because if you didn’t, this save point would be happy to tell you, since a troupe of Unversed are stationed just to one side of it both in Terra and Aqua’s scenario, making it almost useless in a rush, unless you approach it from the exact right angle.

Once you enter the castle it’s in to a long, straight hallway with nothing in it. Ah, finally! A room from KH2/BBS that isn’t afraid to be what it truly is inside! I respect your confidence and candour, uninspiring tunnel-room! Bland on, you dingy pebble.