Day: April 13, 2017

Final Fantasy VII – Grumble, Live a Live… Dragon Quest IV… Mutter…

Once Tifa was safely aboard, Cait Sith explained that, in short, this airship was now under the party’s control. Its name? The “Highwind,” clearly named after Cid. As it happens, this is the airship Rufus used to get to the north, so this is a hell of a carjacking. Cait Sith rushed the party inside, and we – still in control of Tifa – followed, leaving poor Yuffie to be airsick on the deck.

Cait Sith led us into the bridge, revealing that everyone else in the party had already been rescued off-screen, and sure enough, Cid had taken command of the airship (we later learn that Cid had talked the crew into committing mutiny to join him). While talking to Red XIII, the party entered a conference, Tifa saying: “…If only Cloud was here, everything would be fine.” This prompted Kyle to say: “No, things wouldn’t be fine with Cloud! He’s the reason things aren’t fine!”