Day: April 11, 2017

Kingdom Hearts BBS – Rock Man

Since we already covered all three characters’ time at the Land of Departure, we get to jump ahead with our big buddy Terra, where we join him on his first world, the Enchanted Dominion. To recap: Terra is off on a mission to fight the Unversed and find Master Xehanort, and to prove that he can overcome the darkness within. Since he left the Land of Departure before anyone else, he’s got the simplest setup, even if we know things didn’t go… very great for him. In any event, let’s hit the ground running!

Like I implied when I started with Ven, Terra gets to work by actually encountering and reacting to Unversed at the get-go! “Monsters!” he shoutes. “The ones the master mentioned. These are the unversed!” Either that or I’m about to kill my first squirrel! This is the best possible opportunity I’m going to get to name Terra’s starter Keyblade, the Earthshaker, an extra-long, extra-wide chunker of a Keyblade. I’ll also introduce his Command Style, Critical Impact, which turns many of his attacks into small-range area attacks! Just to cap off our gameplay amuse bouche, I’ll remind you to try out Ven’s D-link while you’re at it, and to make an active effort to use it so that the game might level it up and give the D-Link the Haste ability!