Day: April 4, 2017

Kingdom Hearts BBS – Ven, I am your terrible father

The Mysterious Tower makes an appearance in all three storylines, but never for more than an eyeblink. Let’s take bets on how many words it’ll take me to get through it today. Hrm… I’m going to shoot for 750. Okay? Ready-go!

The world begins with our future friends Donald and Goofy! They’re waiting around the Tower when Ventus arrives via Star Shard, and are disappointed to find that he’s not their missing king. Boy, you two need to cuff the guy to his throne or something. And yes, their confusion at the sight of Yen Sid’s tower in KH2 is now inaccurate thanks to this retcon, and any attempt to justify it is going to come off as thin. Hearing that Ven has seen Mickey, Donald and Goofy lead (shove) him into the tower, where he meets up with Yen Sid.