Day: April 1, 2017

Kingdom Hearts BBS – Beloved Stick

After clearing the second loop of three worlds, it’s off to a fourth world that goes sitting off to one side: Neverland. Of course, as most KH fans know by now, it wasn’t always Neverland. Dummied content in the Japanese Vanilla release suggests that this used to be a Jungle Book-themed area, which is kind of easy to tell given the jungle locations and the giant monkey Unversed you’ll be fighting here, but it’s clear that production shifted early enough that they were able to include another Unversed to match the Neverland theme, if only just in time.

Another thing we learn about the old Jungle Book world from the dropped content is that it had a lot of precision platforming over water, which would have been ruinous just like Deep Jungle. I guess they don’t learn their lessons over at Square Enix, or at least they hadn’t during the first draft. It’s a good thing they revised it, though I’m not sure I prefer the generally generic, flattened BBS world they put in its place. This isn’t the only sign of early design featuring more platforming, as there is also a video of Terra jumping over thorns at Enchanted Dominion. This I wouldn’t have minded so much – it’s the water I hate, not the jumping.