Month: March 2017

Kingdom Hearts BBS – Challenging Yourself


Ho boy. It’s easy to get the events of this world mixed up, I had better keep the longplay open instead of just a script, especially since DJ Firewolf’s script actually follows the official timeline order and it gets a little messy here!

Ventus arrives in the middle of a flower garden in Radiant Garden, where he spots some of the city’s elaborate physical waterworks, perhaps meant to be reminiscent of the fountains and such at the Disney parks? Nearby, he spots both Scrooge McDuck and Mickey Mouse. Neither notices him, and Mickey continues off into another area. Ven resolves to reunite with him, so it’s on to the gardens, where you meet three of this world’s new Unversed. (more…)

Kingdom Hearts BBS – Mask*deBoy

bbs-2017-03-03-14h26m18s865As Ventus leaves his third world (whichever that is), he gets a cutscene where, when flying between worlds on his glider, he catches sight of the mysterious boy in the mask. Seizing the opportunity, Ven follows along and is led to a strange, isolated world. The world is identified only after the fact as “The Badlands” or “The Haunted Wasteland” in Japanese. An experienced player should recognize it: it’s the battlefield from the Lingering Sentiment battle in KH2:FM+. There, the masked boy waits for Ventus, and we can only expect a fight. (more…)

Final Fantasy VII – They’re the Heroes

ffvii-2017-03-01-02h48m35s951So how were we going to get back to land, much less the Temple of the Ancients? Well get this, because it’s so funny and so unexpected that I just have to love it: they decide to start using the crashed Bronco as a boat. It can only stay in shallow water near the coasts, which actually limits its range tremendously, but it’s a new vehicle, and you know what that means: fucking around in the wrong direction!

Since Yuffie was in the party during the crash sequence, she took this opportunity to speak up and tell us to go west. As it happened this was her way of directing us towards a selfish sidequest. That sounded right up our alley, but it’s a good thing Kyle was there to tell me it was a sidequest! Imagine if I had come to this on my own, heard Yuffie say to go west, and then avoided going west at all costs, thinking it was the right way to go to advance the main plot? Geeze, Square, don’t you know how jerks like me even play? (more…)