Day: March 30, 2017

Final Fantasy VII – Everything You Know is Wrong

ffvii-2017-03-28-21h47m46s582At the top of Gaea’s Cliff, we got a dramatic revelation of what was waiting for us inside: a great magical whirlwind (presumably part of the Planet’s healing efforts) in the midst of a great crater. The party descended down the crater, and began to find the cloaked figures from earlier, which were beginning to die, most of them on the spot (by the way, no sign of the two short ones here in any version!). Part-way through this section, I learn from RickyC’s playthrough that Tifa forces her way into the party if she’s not there already, having apparently crossed the Glacier and Cliffs on her own! Jeeze, Tifa, teach the rest of the party those wilderness survival skills! Continuing on our way, we found the Neo Bahamut Materia just lying around (you can see what I meant in the tutorial about these loose pieces of Summon materia taking the piss out of high-level spells) and finally arrived at the tornado. (more…)