Day: March 28, 2017

Kingdom Hearts BBS – Defying Gravity

After those two short gimmick worlds, it’s time to douse our heads in cold water and wake up again, because it’s back to a proper-sized world in the form of Deep Space. That said, it’s sure to confuse the average player, because for the first and only time, Ventus is going to end a Disney story instead of start or continue one. Let’s get started. Urm… finished?


The world of Deep Space, which is technically neither a world (as in “planet”) nor open space, actually starts out in open space! Specifically, it starts in the Lanes Between, where Ventus is attacked by an Unversed boss while on his Keyblade glider! This is the Metamorphosis, yet another cnidarian-looking Unversed to compliment the Jellyshades. This leads to a battle in the Lanes, where you learn that each character actually has a full set of Keyblade Glider combat controls used exclusively here in Deep Space. Or rather, exclusively here and in one other room of Deep Space, but hold that thought until the next storyline, as Ven can’t go to that room. (more…)