Day: March 16, 2017

Final Fantasy VII – “Use a Phoenix Down!”

ffvii-2017-03-15-06h22m14s158Cloud wakes up in what turns out to be Gongaga of all places, where he learns that Aeris really has vanished. Once Cloud tells them where he thinks she’s gone based on his dream, everyone wants to rush off to help her, with Cloud being the only dissenting vote. Naturally, he’s afraid of going near Sephiroth at this point, lest he do something horrible again. This is fair, though I note that he never mentions – and so no one respects – Aeris’ request that she be left alone. Barret and Tifa ultimately talk Cloud back to his feet, and off we went.

While we were on our way to the next part of the plot (or possibly here in Gongaga) an NPCs described Sephiroth as a figure in a black cape, as characters had been doing this entire game. Kyle remarked: “There’s got to be someone else out here who has a black cape and has the worst rep ever.” (more…)