Day: March 9, 2017

Final Fantasy VII – Walls Closing In

Once at the Temple of the Ancients (a giant pyramid of sorts), Aeris insists on joining the party. I don’t remember specifically why, because I was the one playing and wasn’t taking notes as a consequence, but she must have insisted, because I can’t think of any reason Kyle and I would have allowed that after spending the entire game since Midgar ignoring her and Red XIII, leaving both of them at the minimum possible level. Once at the temple gates, Aeris collapsed and seemed to begin talking to the ghosts of her ancestors. As Aeris recovered, one of the cloaked figures walked out, muttering about Black Materia, before he dissolved in a flash of light that seemed to raise him into the sky.

Inside the Temple, we immediately came to a dead end in some sort of altar room, where we found Tseng, horribly wounded and lying against the altar. He told us that Sephiroth was inside, and that he wasn’t looking for the Promised Land after all. Instead of explaining more, he offered us the Keystone and told us to look for ourselves. Aeris had an angry reaction to this, but I can’t quite say why. Tseng says, “Sephiroth isn’t looking for the Promised Land,” to which Aeris replies “You’re wrong. The Promised Land isn’t like what you imagined,” which is a perfectly fine bit of information, but also clearly doesn’t connect to Tseng’s dialogue. I can only assume that one line or both was mistranslated (Tseng’s, probably), leaving the scene essentially impenetrable.