Day: March 2, 2017

Final Fantasy VII – They’re the Heroes

So how were we going to get back to land, much less the Temple of the Ancients? Well get this, because it’s so funny and so unexpected that I just have to love it: they decide to start using the crashed Bronco as a boat. It can only stay in shallow water near the coasts, which actually limits its range tremendously, but it’s a new vehicle, and you know what that means: fucking around in the wrong direction!

Since Yuffie was in the party during the crash sequence, she took this opportunity to speak up and tell us to go west. As it happened this was her way of directing us towards a selfish sidequest. That sounded right up our alley, but it’s a good thing Kyle was there to tell me it was a sidequest! Imagine if I had come to this on my own, heard Yuffie say to go west, and then avoided going west at all costs, thinking it was the right way to go to advance the main plot? Geeze, Square, don’t you know how jerks like me even play?