Day: February 21, 2017

Kingdom Hearts BBS – The Last Housemouse was in Captivity

After clearing out the first world of any characters’ story, you unlock both the other worlds in the first loop at the same time, one at a lower challenge level than the other. You also unlock a third world up in the top-left corner, which is all-but optional (more on that later) and doesn’t fit into the story per se. I actually considered covering that optional world right away, but I discovered only yesterday that Spazbo4 never went there (and there’s no recording from the mandatory segment I’m hinting at)! I’m going to have to rustle up an optional source of screenshots. In the meantime, let’s proceed with the story!

Castle of Dreams, the world of Disney’s Cinderella, is an unusual world for Ven in that it’s one of the only times he arrives at a world first, ahead of his siblings. Urm… sort-of-siblings. …Actually, you know what? Gonna go with “siblings,” both because it’s true and in active defiance of that line from the intro. Oh, and one other teeny tiny detail about Castle of Dreams: Ven has been turned into a teeny-tiny Ven, and he has been caught in a mouse trap. No explanation is ever officially given for this, which is part of what makes it hilarious (although, yeah, one can presume the Fairy Godmother is responsible).

It’s the night of the big ball, and Cinderella is stuck doing chores in hopes that if she gets them done on time, she can attend the ball. Cinderella is voiced by Jennifer Hale, who has had the role since House of Mouse (including both Cinderella direct-to-video sequels). We have an additional Disney connection via video game adaptations of Atlantis: The Lost Empire, and several minor roles in the Lilo & Stitch franchise and Sofia the First. She is also the voice of Aayla Secura in many Star Wars adaptations. Of course, you probably know her as the voice of Samus Aran.