Day: February 18, 2017

Kingdom Hearts BBS – A Bomb a Day Keeps the Doctors On Hand 24/7

Beyond the dwarfs’ cottage, Ven enters the spooky forest from early in the film, when Snow White flees from the huntsman and encounters all sorts of spooks and frights. Of course, we’re not Snow White, so the forest seems perfectly normal at first. There aren’t even any Unversed!

At the edge of the forest, you encounter Snow White, who is on her own and crying. As I look at her from this limited angle, I find myself surprised to notice that her blue and red sleeves resemble the face and tear-like eyes of a Vanilla version Unversed, namely a Flood or a Scrapper. That’s probably just a coincidence, but boy does it look similar! The tear-like eyes of the Unversed have drawn a lot of discussion in the past, but if they were just based on Snow White’s wardrobe in a salute to early Disney animation, that’s certainly cute but takes a bit of emotional wind out of them, doesn’t it?