Day: February 11, 2017

Kingdom Hearts BBS – Evil Math Test

bbs-2017-02-05-21h54m43s147It’s here where the game finally brings you to character selection. The characters appear in a pseudo Dive to the Heart, in the recommended order Terra -> Ventus -> Aqua. But like I said, we’re going to be taking Ventus -> Terra -> Aqua, and we’ll be starting with the events that start the story off by combining the three introductions, as there’s so much overlap that I feel we’re better off filling in the small holes.

The next day, Aqua and Terra are standing at attention in the room from the opening sequence, with the elaborate stained glass window. They are standing in front of three thrones, two of which are occupied. A new character sits in the throne to the left. The chair on the right is occupied by the old man from “Birth by sleep” and the Destiny Islands sequence. The chair in the centre is empty. Ven is standing to one side of the room and he and the old man exchange looks, Ven’s one of curiosity and the old man’s inscrutable. Just then, the man on the left stands to address the two Keyblade wielders. (more…)