Day: February 9, 2017

Final Fantasy VII – “Final” “Fantasy”

Content Warning: Suicide.

Back to the present. One odd feature in New Corel was a gondola that led up to the high-in-the-sky casino and gaming place, the Gold Saucer. For some reason, despite being almost literally coated with gold, the Gold Saucer couldn’t be arsed to tidy up its front gate in Corel Town, which I think was an artistic shame as a jazzed up gondola station right next to a ruin of a town would have really shown how bad the town looked by contrast and what dicks the people in the Saucer were for ignoring them. In any event, the Saucer was our next destination, so we rode the gondola and paid its exorbitant entry fee and gained access to its many, many, many many many services.