Day: February 7, 2017

Kingdom Hearts BBS – Opposite Day

bbs-2017-02-05-21h30m11s032After another time skip, we find Ven now healthy and secure in his own room in a world we’ve never seen. We later learn that Ven has no memory of the events on the island. This appears to be Ven’s bedroom on this new world, and lining his walls are books and what I can only describe as magical homework: a boy’s scribblings of planetary/alchemical signs. A close observer might spot the books “Kingdom Hearts,” “Birth by Sleep” and “Ultimania” on his shelf (Ultimania being the Japanese-only strategy guides released by Square Enix). Oh, you cheeky game, you!

Ven is woken up in the middle of the night, and we discover that yes, he sleeps in full clothes: a black and white Batman Forever Two Face cosplay that I’m sure won’t have any symbolism at all. Like the other two members of our trio, he also has a pauldron – a piece of shoulder armour – but only on one shoulder, which looks like a piece of his armour from the KH2 trailers. (more…)

Kingdom Hearts BBS – An Empty World


Note: As of the launch of Kingdom Hearts 3, the KH1-BBS Retrospectives are being “locked down” and will no longer be updated to account for new content that might be relevant to those particular games. For example: if KH3 or an interview explains a KH1 plot hole that I mention in this Retrospective, I won’t be updating the Retrospective to say so, adjusting my opinion, etc. We’re already several KHUX updates out-of-date as-stands. For similar reasons, comments for these games will be closed, though original comments will be preserved. Enjoy your read!

When the original three Kingdom Hearts portable games were announced together 2007, Birth by Sleep was the one that everyone really wanted. Some of the Nintendo faithful may have been holding out on Days, but the PSP had the clear technological lead, and moreover, this was the game following the lead from KH2’s secret videos and new FM+ scenes. The game that would show us the story of the Chasers! A “proper sequel!” (more…)