Day: February 2, 2017

Final Fantasy VII – Deploy the Dolphin

ffvii-2016-12-29-17h31m22s929The first major feature of the Junon region isn’t Junon itself, but rather a place called “Fort Condor,” found in the south near your exit tunnel. Fort Condor is a mountain with a few rooms inside, and is so named because of the giant bird on top of its peak. The Condor has laid an egg and Shinra wants it, to such a degree that they launch armed assaults on the fort nearly 24/7. This creates something of a dissonance in the fiction that was a source of comedy for me and Kyle, given how Shinra seems to have enough soldiers around to try to make an omelette, but not enough to accomplish any number of other military tasks that come up across the course of the game. (more…)