Day: December 31, 2016

Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days – Pandora’s Box

days-2016-12-29-09h52m52s623Day 296: Confessions

Should you ask around the Grey Area on Day 296, Xigbar teases that he knows you’re looking for Xion. “Heh heh… Keep running wild and somebody might have to throw a leash on you.” Despite this, Saix promotes you to Master, the last promotion you’re going to get prior to the final boss.

Prizes directly attached to Master include another Magic Lv 2 (which will be largely useless unless you keep a huge spell library, or in case you wanted a new block pattern), an upgradable Block panel with one Lv+ to go with it, an Air Slide Lv+ if you’re still using that, a temporarily useless but highly intriguing High Jump Lv+ panel, some Treasure Magnet Lv+s (wait, they gave you the upgraded Treasure Magnet for the Expert promotion but only let you use it with Master?), and the cream of the crop: the last Auto-Life+ panel, which will cause Auto-Life to restore you all the way to full. (more…)