Day: December 29, 2016

Final Fantasy VII – Seedier and Seediest

ffvii-2016-12-22-00h42m01s838Wall Market is basically a red light district of some sort, spotted with a number of unrelated shops. While I was playing, I tried to explore things from bottom to top, but here in the Journal it’s probably best if I cut to the chase and explain that Cloud and Aeris track Tifa to the north end of town, where they learn she was brought to meet a man named Don Corneo, who invites women to his mansion to be his “bride” (i.e., to sleep with him). His guard refused to let Cloud in, but he implied that Aeris might get in if she wanted to be the Don’s “bride” herself. This gave Aeris an idea: dress Cloud up as a woman to get them both inside the mansion together!

Now, I’m not nearly well-enough versed in drag or trans culture to comment on FFVII’s famous/infamous crossdressing sequence. Hell, it would probably be best to bring in someone from Japanese drag or trans culture rather than someone from a western culture. The short of it is: I am out of my depth, and so I’m going to stick as close as I can to the bare facts as possible, since I’m in no position to comment. (more…)