Day: December 17, 2016

Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days – Rehash Climax

ffvii-2016-12-17-00h27m19s449Day 224: Anomaly

Day 224 (wow, that may have been our largest time skip yet?) starts in the Mansion at Twilight Town, where Naminé is tending to Sora’s pod. DiZ comes in, once again (but for the last time) voiced by Christopher Lee, and states matter-of-fact that Naminé has stalled. Naminé admits that “A Nobody is interfering, I think.” She “thinks.” The picture she drew over a month ago, and the detail she’s about to provide, suggest she’s known about Roxas for a while but has just been hoping DiZ wouldn’t catch on, probably suspecting what DiZ will eventually do. But now that he’s confronting her, she buckles at once. Poor Naminé. (more…)