Day: December 8, 2016

Final Fantasy VII – Doom and Boom


With Crisis Core behind us, it’s on to the main event. While Kyle initially proposed we play FFVII in its original form (either via his PSX disc or on the PSN release) instead of the PC release (on PC or PS4), you’ll be glad to know that we had a long and involved discussion of the various versions and their virtues and ultimately concluded that we should play the one I already had because fuck it. That meant the PC version, which I had on Steam, though it was later released on the PS4. For what it’s worth, it is the only readily available version to fix the game’s magic defence display glitch (which is harmless, as it’s purely cosmetic, but is still an improvement over the other versions), and it has very small load times. Also, it would get me a few achievements. Don’t look at me like that. (more…)