Day: December 3, 2016

Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days – The High Point

days-2016-11-26-12h28m50s885Day 172: Sound of the Surf

At the start of the day, Luxord comes up to you to politely say hello, and to tell you you’ve been teamed up for the first time today. What a nice guy! First Demyx now Luxord, all these minor characters making me like them all of a sudden. What gives?

Unfortunately for Luxord’s politeness, he has bad news and doesn’t realize how badly it will affect Roxas (considering that Roxas is experiencing emotions and no one has caught on to that yet, this is reasonable. I don’t need to explain to that to anyone that Roxas is experiencing emotions by this point in the story, right? Because if it hasn’t yet, it’s going to become real obvious in this scene). Luxord explains that Xion “bungled” her last mission and is in a coma, not unlike Roxas’ from the first 100 days. Blunt thematic symmetry! Luxord even seems a little sympathetic, making me like him even more. Roxas just runs off to visit her bedside. (more…)