Day: November 26, 2016

Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days – Hide and Go Creep

Day 152: The Wrong Buttons and Days 153-156: Disjointed Days

More notable rumours in The Grey Area today (this seems to be a trend lately). Xigbar is saying: “I sure hope Poppet pulls through. That was one tough mission she got stuck with.” Huh, sympathy from Xigbar. That’s almost more interesting than the hook he just set for the player about Xion’s mission. Xigbar often does position himself as something of a nicer guy than Saïx despite there being plenty of signs that he’s a ranking officer in the Org… and the fact that he often breaks out of the act into outright sadism. Speaking of outright sadism, Xaldin chooses to say hello to you with: “You don’t need a heart to know how to manipulate one. Remember that.” And charmed to see you too, sir!