Day: November 17, 2016

FFVII Crisis Core – Falling: The Useless Killer

cc-2016-10-23-01h58m04s096Our next session started with Zack and Kunsel being separated for what would prove to be the last time, only for Zack to reunite with Cloud at his briefing for the mission! Buddies! Soon, Cloud had rounded up a total of three guardsmen (including himself) to go with Zack and Sepiroth on the mission, which Sepiroth finally revealed was to the village of Nibelheim, for any FFVII fans who hadn’t already worked that out. That started Chapter 9, and Crisis Core’s recreation of the famous flashback from FFVII. And that means it’s time for us to see just how many of the flashback’s elements no longer make any damned sense when put into their “proper” context. (more…)