Day: November 15, 2016

Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days – Hurling Heavy Objects

Day 118: Lazy Day

So here’s a weird one.

Roxas arrives at the Grey Area on Day 118 only to find it empty, with a sign up on the window where Saïx traditionally stands. The fact that the sign is exactly where Saïx used to stand suggests to me that “segment” may have once been playable, as it’s exactly where the player’s eye would be drawn during normal play. You might be wondering: what would a playable empty room have added to the experience? Not much, so by-and-large I agree with the developers removing it… if it weren’t for one little snag. You see: because there’s no playable segment here, you actually don’t get a chance to save for the duration of the entire mission! Don’t worry, you’re not in danger for the length of the upcoming sequence, but if you’ve got to get off the DS in a hurry for real-life reasons, the game’s not offering you an out! I suppose this is somewhat excusable by the system’s sleep feature, but it’s still very rude, which is something I find myself saying about Days over and over again, despite having never said it about the previous three games! As someone who used to be kicked off the video games by their parents, I can’t stand it when a developer doesn’t offer regular save points, and even ruder when they break that regularity like Days is doing here!

The sign says “Operations Closed for Vacation.” “Vacation?” says Roxas, echoing me. “What’s that?” says Roxas, baffling me.