Day: November 12, 2016

Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days – Donkey Kong’s Nobody

days-2016-10-22-08h19m26s278Day 117: Secrets

After another time-skip, we once again get a scene that seems to imply that there wasn’t a time skip. I told you this would be a running problem with the game’s optional mission blocks, but this is bungling at the level of art. In this scene, Saïx comes into Axel’s bedroom (which is clearly just Roxas’ bedroom being repurposed) and demands to know what Xion is up to that Axel’s been covering for. You know, when Axel was covering for Roxas and Xion twenty-one days earlier. Ironically, this could have been easily fixed by moving the optional mission block, though it takes a little thought. Remember how the Antlion mission could, but didn’t have to be attached to Mission 100? All they’d have to do is move the optional mission block to before Xion got her Keyblade, and then put the stick mission on Day 99 and the Antlion on Day 100! Saïx’s interruption could have happened the very next day!

Axel refuses to say a word, and Saïx seems surprised that he won’t say anything, and seeing Saïx shocked is jarring! Saïx says: “…But the two of you are close,” Kirk Thornton throws in a raised inflection to imply that Saïx is confused by Axel’s behaviour, and taking the fact that Axel would relay the information to him as a given. Axel resents the implication that Saïx expects him to spy on his friends, and orders him out of his room. (more…)