Day: November 5, 2016

Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days – A Stick

Day 96: Xion’s Keyblade

You know, day labels, we have to do something about your spoiler problem.

Roxas and Xion say hello first thing on Day 96, but Saïx arrives moments later with unfortunate news: he needs them on separate missions today, on separate worlds. And this is interesting: Saïx doesn’t threaten them, he’s just being matter-of-fact. I get the impression that if Roxas and Xion could have split up for a day, they might have been returned to their usual partnership the very next day. He’s being about as generous as we could hope from Saïx. When they inevitably protest and try to refuse, you can imagine how rude they’re being from his perspective. He’s got too nasty a track record for me to actually feel sorry for him, but I’m as close as I could possibly be.