Day: November 3, 2016

FFVII Crisis Core – Quadriceps of Steel

cc-2016-10-22-11h55m03s342After the usual post-chapter time skip, we learned that Sephiroth locked himself away in the data room, looking up Hollander’s data. Hey, good for him, I’m glad to see him so studious, I’m sure we can trust him in any instances where he might lock himself away reading research data in the future. After this brief introduction, Zack was called by Aerith to come work on the flower wagon.

Of course, Kyle and I continued to be min-maxing little shits. We went looking for missing side-missions, to make sure we weren’t locked out of any by proceeding too far through the story. Kyle was insistent that, even though the Summon DMW was buried so deep in the slots that it was almost useless, we should nevertheless recruit every Summon as part of our Marathon objective to “recruit every character.” For all we knew, being locked out of side-missions might have prevented us from doing that, so we used a guide to track them down. We were now in Chapter 6, which is where the last of the missable side-missions is unlocked: namely, you get an order to track down Wutai spies in the Shinra company, and each one of them returns a side-mission once caught. (more…)