Day: October 11, 2016

Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days – Exploring the Armoury

Day 26: Terminated

Roxas wakes up the next morning, still sleeping on top of his sheets. I’ll stop bringing it up when it stops being silly. The first thought on his mind is Xion. Wait, I think I’ve read this romance novel! It’s called: every romance novel, and if Square didn’t intend this scene to look romantic (and that’s probable, given that Kingdom Hearts treats romance like a grade school treats cooties) they probably shouldn’t have used such a prominent romance trope. You just can’t misuse staid genre tropes like this! Imagine two other genres getting mixed up! Imagine a Hardy Boys novel with a Prophecy that they’d destroy the Dark Lord of All Evil. Imagine an educational film stopping dead in the middle of a lecture about mitosis to look slowly up at the camera to say “…The call was coming from inside the house!”

This wake-up scene is missing from the film. Actually, the film has a huge break here with no text interlude to fill the gap, the first of many where the cinematic-only format outright fails the viewer. What makes this even more unusual is: an upcoming sequence with Saïx is included as a cinematic, but the part without him isn’t! In the game, Roxas proceeds to the Grey Area still on his happy buzz, only to find Xaldin and Demyx shouting at one another. Roxas asks Xigbar what’s up, and Xigbar tells him the bad news: CoM has just come to an end, and the Organization is getting news that “at least one of the folks we sent to Castle Oblivion has been terminated.”