Day: September 24, 2016

Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days – Substitute Teachers

Day 9: Heartless

On Day 9, DS players will get down to the actual meat of the tutorial, while 1.5 players will get down to the thin, text-only summaries that replace much of the tutorial. In fact, 1.5 spends the next five days in a text lacuna, interrupted only by Mopes, which are themselves, also text. As a result, much of this section will be brand new to fans that are only familiar with the film, even if it is very basic.

For your second mission, Saïx pairs you up with Marluxia, and you head off to Twilight Town with orders to “collect Hearts.” Marluxia is extra-special polite to you, and clearly intrigued. It doesn’t take much insight for a veteran of CoM to realize he’s trying to vet Roxas to decide if he can use Roxas to take over the Organization instead of Sora. To be frank, I’m not entirely certain why he doesn’t! Marly later says something about his plans being too far along to include you, but we’ve seen the kind of effort Marluxia goes to in hopes of capturing Sora – it’s kind of hard to believe he’d rather do that than just hang a carrot in front of zombie Roxas’ face! Like an actual, literal carrot. This kid would work for anything at this stage.