Day: September 8, 2016

Persona 1 – The Grinding Gear

Maki fled to hide with Mai in the Lost Forest, forcing us to backtrack through the old dungeon to reach the Gingerbread House. There we met Mai, now openly called “Maki” (which won’t make this confusing at all), who explained that Aki had woken a fourth and final aspect of Maki, Pandora, who was presumably made up of all of Maki’s worst traits the way the Maki in our party had been the idealized self. Mai/Maki said we’d need the compacts owned by all the Makis: the original, the one split between Mai and Aki, and uh… well the third was confusing. In a later scene, Mai/Maki would say it was from the real Maki, but that it wasn’t the one from the real world? And shouldn’t Pandora have one? I’m not sure why the game was so obsessed with compacts to begin with, from a metaphorical point-of-view I mean. They let you view but also change yourself?