Day: September 3, 2016

Kingdom Hearts 2 – You’re Home

kh2-2016-08-13-22h46m05s789…So Xemnas sucks the three of you into the Realm of Nothingness, which is a weird bendy white world with black stripes. He’s dressed for the occasion in a similar gettup, leading to what KHI user Sephiroth0812 once dubbed a “lightsaber zebra.” Sadly, Xemnas has one last villain speech to make and it’s just as bad as the others. Here, he decides for no reason to declare that since light and dark are eternal, nothing must be eternal. Okay. At this point his plan gets a little fuzzy to me and he declares this means he must be eternal too, either because he commands nothingness, because he is “a nothing” (the latter is what he says, but it makes no sense considering nothings and darknesses have been dying this entire game, so I’ve presented the former as a counter-argument). Maybe it’s just that he’s on a heady ego trip. (more…)