Month: August 2016

Kingdom Hearts 2 – Straining

kh2-2016-07-26-12h11m53s092After the fight with Xigbar, we cut to Ansem and Mickey, who observe Riku and Kairi still battling Heartless. Ansem says they should move on, since all will be well now that the friends are about to reunited. Mickey asks him his opinion on whether or not Riku will ever regain his form, and Ansem simply says it won’t be easy, since Riku took the form voluntarily.

You regain control of Sora at last, and if you’re like me, your first action to reunite Sora with his friends after all this time will be to turn tail and run the other way, so that you can save! Oh, and a nice touch: you actually can look up to see Kairi and Riku in the viewing gallery, though they aren’t moving. It’s like Seifer’s gang in the prologue, except not quite as creepy since they’re further away. After all this silliness about “Look at that invisible Groundshaker in the distance!” I think I’ve changed my mind about Seifer’s gang in the prologue: better creepiness than nothing at all. (more…)

Persona 1 – Everybody Faints

vlcsnap-2016-08-03-20h20m28s154Time for something a little different: our first Persona Marathon entry!

Persona, if you’re new to the series, is a major subseries/spinoff of Atlus’ long-running demons-and-mythology-attack-the-modern-day themed Shin Megami Tensei series. I’m a big fan of the series, but the games are notoriously difficult, and prior to Persona 1, I’d never actually beaten any of them. Kyle, wanting to get into the famous Persona 3 and 4, agreed that we should intermix the Persona games with our existing Final Fantasy Marathon, playing the games in release order alongside the Final Fantasy games. Since Persona 1 was one of the earliest JRPGs released for the PSX, its remake became our first game from the 32-bit era.


Kingdom Hearts 2 – Pew Pew! Zap!

kh2-2016-07-26-11h50m19s786Sora and the others walk into the Castle, and Sora IMMEDIATELY STARTS SHOUTING. KAIRI ARE YOU HERE? ARE YOU WITHIN SHOUTING DISTANCE OF THE FRONT DOOR? I’M PRETTY SURE CASTLES PUT PRISONERS RIGHT PAST THE FRONT DOOR. ANYWAY, TELL ME IF YOU’RE HERE. I later discovered that the manga makes the same joke, so I’m in good company. Mickey shushes him, and it’s not going to work, Your Majesty, I’ve been trying to shush him for half this retrospective. Mickey realizes being with Sora is the least safe place he could possibly be, and he runs off, as DONALD SHOUTS AFTER HIM. YOUR MAJESTY, COME BACK! (more…)