Day: August 18, 2016

Persona 1 – Compact Compacts

kh2-2016-08-14-16h01m14s137Heading to the shrine, we discovered Maki’s mother, Setsuko. Mrs. Somomura tells us that her employers, SEBEC and its CEO, Kandori, had deployed a machine called the Deva System that may be responsible for the changes around town. But that’s not why we’re actually here. No, the game has actually brought us here for another chat with our good buddy Philemon, who’s here to give us some vague warnings about the upcoming split between the SEBEC plotline and the Snow Queen plotline. The original North American release subtly changed Philemon’s dialogue to make it about the options you’ll take to the good or bad ending, which was clever work for such an otherwise less-than-graceful localization, but the fact that the speech is parked just before the option to start the Snow Queen quest and only after a choice that affects the ending (your response to the nurse trapped under the vending machine) reinforces that the SEBEC/SQQ split was the original intent. (more…)