Day: August 11, 2016

Persona 1 – Demonic HMO

p1-2016-08-09-23h29m23s868Once we finally caved and went to the hospital, we were given Maki’s room number and spotted Yamaoka stalking Nanjo from a distance. Yamaoka asked Sorrow not to tattle on him, and we went on into the hospital ourselves. This was a strange place to come back to in our SQQ run, as it’s essentially the last new ordinary building you’ll enter in either storyline! This makes it feel very strange. In fact, it was probably more “realistic” than any other building in the game. The game’s dungeons are laid out in an incredibly hostile way, ala Wizardry, while the malls and (to a lesser extent) the school are laid out for easy video game accessibility. Meanwhile, the hospital was structured like a real-world building, making optimal use of all its space, and that made it feel weird! (more…)