Month: July 2016

Final Fantasy VI – Armed and Ready

Before we returned to FFVI for our final session, Kyle did some grinding, encountering something entirely by accident. Normally we avoid encountering bosses or story content when we aren’t together, but Kyle accidentally did his grinding near the home of the new-to-the-GBA Esper Cactuar, and accidentally acquired it. The Cactuar is a Final Fantasy staple designed after the Japanese Haniwa figure (you might recall me mentioning the Haniwa towards the end of the FFLII journal). They were first included in FFVI and this Esper seems to have been added to celebrate that, earned by defeating a “Gigantuar” after fighting enough of the smaller ones. Besides their iconic “jogging” appearance, the Cactuar are known for their special attack, 1000 Needles, which does exactly 1000 damage every time, which can be devastating or a joke, depending on the condition of your party. The Cactuar Magicite taught Hastega, which more than justified its inclusion in the party.


Kingdom Hearts 2 – Going Down for the Third Time

…Hoh boy, here we go.

The Longest Segment of Atlantica

Travelling back to Atlantica may be the first time many players notice the giant shadow looming at the top of the map. Enjoy that ominous moment while it lasts, because we’re going to be spending the next fifteen minutes watching cutscenes, followed by a two minute song and three additional minutes of cutscenes, just as a rotten cherry on top (there are a few text sequences and a safe zone in the middle, but this seems like a proximate amount of time). Yeah, yeah, I know, fifteen minutes is nothing in the grand scheme of the industry, but have you considered this important detail: it’s Atlantica, so it’s crap? So get your Metal Gear Solid-sized popcorn tub and let’s check out some dreck!


Kingdom Hearts 2 – Crossover Potential

Port Royal, Revisited

It would be all too easy to hop over to Olympus Coliseum after clearing Land of the Dragons and Beast’s Castle. If you can handle Xaldin I’m sure it won’t even bother you! Still, Port Royal technically has a lower battle level, at 37 instead of Olympus’ 39. I don’t think I’ve even noticed the level gap in the past, since I always tried to clear the right side of the map instead of exploring the left, or got stonewalled by Xaldin and had to go to Port Royal out of necessity! It goes to show how little a 2-level gap means at this point in the game, compared to the outset when a 2-level gap could be tricky.

You arrive at Port Royal with a scene of an Org member finding the cursed chest at the Ilsa de Meurta, and then find Jack Sparrow under attack by cursed pirates. Sora helps fight them off (eventually – he takes a lot of umbrage over Jack not remembering his name. We are, as usual, the heroes). Everyone blames Jack for this mess, which is probably fair. After all, didn’t he say that no one find the Ilsa de Meurta unless they already knew how to find it? You never strictly get an explanation for how the Org found the island, though can probably make up an explanation if you feel like it.