Day: July 14, 2016

Final Fantasy VI – Check, Check, Check, Check and Check

We began our final dungeon spelunk with Celes’ party, which found itself inside of what had once been the prison in Vector, where Kekfa had been held “prisoner” by the Emperor as part of the peace conference. In his place was the Ultima Buster, a machine incarnation of Ultima Weapon (you could see the gears) that believed it was Ultima itself. If Locke had been in party 2, we would have been able to Steal the Blood Sword from Ultima Buster, which was hilarious given our history with Ultima Weapon in Soul of Rebirth. While Ultima Buster could cast Ultima after a time, he did not live that long. Killing him got us a Save Point and Strago learned Tsunami off him. This isn’t the exclusive Lore I mentioned earlier, but it was very helpful.