Day: July 7, 2016

Final Fantasy VI – Armed and Ready

Before we returned to FFVI for our final session, Kyle did some grinding, encountering something entirely by accident. Normally we avoid encountering bosses or story content when we aren’t together, but Kyle accidentally did his grinding near the home of the new-to-the-GBA Esper Cactuar, and accidentally acquired it. The Cactuar is a Final Fantasy staple designed after the Japanese Haniwa figure (you might recall me mentioning the Haniwa towards the end of the FFLII journal). They were first included in FFVI and this Esper seems to have been added to celebrate that, earned by defeating a “Gigantuar” after fighting enough of the smaller ones. Besides their iconic “jogging” appearance, the Cactuar are known for their special attack, 1000 Needles, which does exactly 1000 damage every time, which can be devastating or a joke, depending on the condition of your party. The Cactuar Magicite taught Hastega, which more than justified its inclusion in the party.