Day: July 5, 2016

Kingdom Hearts 2 – Going Down for the Third Time

…Hoh boy, here we go.

The Longest Segment of Atlantica

Travelling back to Atlantica may be the first time many players notice the giant shadow looming at the top of the map. Enjoy that ominous moment while it lasts, because we’re going to be spending the next fifteen minutes watching cutscenes, followed by a two minute song and three additional minutes of cutscenes, just as a rotten cherry on top (there are a few text sequences and a safe zone in the middle, but this seems like a proximate amount of time). Yeah, yeah, I know, fifteen minutes is nothing in the grand scheme of the industry, but have you considered this important detail: it’s Atlantica, so it’s crap? So get your Metal Gear Solid-sized popcorn tub and let’s check out some dreck!