Day: February 28, 2016

Final Fantasy Legend III – Boom

ffliii-2016-02-26-19h00m51s482.pngWe picked up the game outside the Dwelg village, and headed west to the twin Western Towers. There, Kyle stumbled on the only treasures we really wanted (a Fire stone and the Crystal segment of the final Mystic Sword) in under five minutes. In fact, this was so fast that I don’t think he worked out what was up with the Towers and I forgot to tell him! Here’s the deal: the Towers are linked at the top by a bridge, and past that bridge is a device that actually reverses gravity and puts you on the Towers’ ceilings. The Fire Stone is at the top of one tower (a room you might miss if you head for the obvious bridge door), and the Crystal is on the ceiling of the first floor of the other tower. I’ve always been impressed with how well the low-res platform communicates this gimmick but it probably helps if you stick around long enough to check it out! Maybe if there had been a third valuable item on the bottom floor of the second tower, instead of a Cure3 potion. (more…)