Day: February 21, 2016

Final Fantasy Legend III – Heroic Paid Internship Program

ffliii-2016-02-19-14h47m07s699.pngWith Dion revived, we all bundled into the Talon and hit the Unit X-Plane to travel to Pureland, hoping to chase after the team that had somehow invented the Unit on their own without leaving a copy or schematics to make a new one and yeah, I’m going to keep complaining about that. Before we left, we flew around for a bit, Kyle commenting that the Talon was too shitty to even fly over mountains with its two engines. He must have been thrilled, then, when we hit X-Plane and arrived in Pureland, only to be informed that Units X-Plane and Hover had broken, meaning that the Talon not only couldn’t fly over mountains, but that it couldn’t fly over water. Truly we were living the airship dream.

(I’m not certain why they break X-Plane as well. It wouldn’t have been so bad to teleport back to the original world and then back to this starting point in Pureland. It’s not like this game is so advanced that we’d expect dialogue on the original world to change up to match recent events. I mean, the Elder in Dharm was still talking about Lara coming to stay with him!) (more…)