Day: February 20, 2016

Kingdom Hearts 2 – Sora’s Special Speedy Santa Suit

Before we head out of camp to do army work, I want to mention something that probably slipped you by: saving here is weird! No, seriously: count on your hands the number of games where save point are the only form of saving, but there are no save points in a “town” (this military camp is functionally a “town”). It just doesn’t happen. The reason KH2 prevents you from saving in the encampment is because there was already a save point in the bamboo thicket, one room away, and it would be redundant to have two. But it still stands in the face of 20 years of RPG tradition, and accidentally feels like some kind of Illusion of Gaia setup where the narrative is nudging you to realize your character has to hide before you can save. That was true in Illusion of Gaia (in fact, it’s one of my favourite bits of detail-work in IoG, but we’ll talk more about that when I get to my upcoming Soul Blazer Retrospective), but here?