Day: February 18, 2016

Final Fantasy Legend III – Curtis in the Sky with Diamond Armour

Chaos had two Units: Future and Hover (the second engine), which we took back to the Talon and then headed to the Future, where the world was flooded beyond recognition. This makes navigation a nightmare, as there are so few landmarks. An observant player might realize that the only surviving land had previously been surrounded by mountains, but be honest: do you really remember which parts of the map those were? Including ones that weren’t relevant before now? With navigation thrown out the window, I took over from Kyle, since I knew all the shortcuts. A new player might notice that Dharm is now gone, and would try to head to Elan, but since Elan largely only has directions, it’s possible to skip it for the time being. I started by going to South Tower, where our Ifram Tree informed us that the Dharmites had moved to an island to the east, and had disguised their hideout as a graveyard. Unfortunately this advice was not really needed, since we were playing on the Gameboy Player (a GBA). That meant the game was colourized the way monochrome games were on the Game Boy Color, and foreground sprites like the moveable grave were coloured differently (pink) than background sprites like the regular graves (transparent). Through no fault of the developers, it’s obvious which grave you have to check! Whoops! (more…)