Day: February 13, 2016

Kingdom Hearts 2 – Meet the Bad Guys

ffliii-2016-02-08-17h23m12s740You make your way to follow Leon and find yourself at the Bailey, a line of defence between the town and the Heartless and Nobodies. Someone in the fandom recently brought up why they use the Bailey when Heartless and Nobodies seem to be able to teleport into the town just fine. It’s a fair question: I’m once again of the opinion that the Heartless and Nobodies are only teleporting to the location of the Keyblade when they appear in the town and otherwise they couldn’t do so, but it’s hard to say.

Leon tells you that the only things standing between the good guys and the restoration of Hollow Bastion are the Heartless and Nobodies. He points both out from the Bailey, and we get our establishing shot of Villain’s Vale. Leon calls Villain’s Vale as one of the big problems stalling the restoration of Hollow Bastion, though he offers no explanation as to why. Remember: Pete and Maleficent just got back. He probably means that the Heartless are hanging out there, but I can’t help but it hear it like Leon has a problem with zoning regulations. (more…)