Day: January 14, 2016

Final Fantasy V – Disc 1 Boss

ffv-2016-01-11-03h26m09s726After giving Krile a moment with her grief, she was interrupted by the spirit of Galuf, who did what Kyle and I had predicted: passed on his job levels. Indeed, Krile took on her grandfather’s role as part of the party by passing on… uh… something my notes describe as “some gold thing.” It looks to be some kind of armlet or circlet, and was the mechanism by which he passed on his level and job levels. Krile’s joining the party at this point makes this the only main-numbered game in the entire franchise that I’m aware of with more female playable characters than male (excusing games with character/party customization), and even if you included sequels and spinoffs, I think it’s only one of two (with FFX-2)!