Day: January 5, 2016

Kingdom Hearts 2 – Revenge of the Lamers


We’re gonna be here a while (oooh, lordy) so it’s best I describe Twilight Town while I have the opportunity. Now that we’re divorced from the threadbare limitations of the Gameboy Advanced, we can see Twilight Town as a relatively fair-sized, homey city, where it is perpetually twilight, giving everything a pleasant orange tinge. The town is built up and around a few prominent hills, one of them topped with the clock tower from the title card, which we see is actually the hub of Twilight Town’s train station. The town is pretty much the largest town in the series, if you discount some dungeon-like “towns” that appear in DDD. The music here is a new version of the GBA theme, lazy and comfortable.


Kingdom Hearts 2 – Angels in Flight


Note: As of the launch of Kingdom Hearts 3, the KH1-BBS Retrospectives are being “locked down” and will no longer be updated to account for new content that might be relevant to those particular games. For example: if KH3 or an interview explains a KH1 plot hole that I mention in this Retrospective, I won’t be updating the Retrospective to say so, adjusting my opinion, etc. We’re already several KHUX updates out-of-date as-stands. For similar reasons, comments for these games will be closed, though original comments will be preserved. Enjoy your read!

Kingdom Hearts 2 was originally released in 2005, re-released as KH2: Final Mix+ in 2007, and is the most recent dedicated console game in the series at the time of writing. It was also the last game in the series designed by the original team (even FM+ was designed by the team that went on to make later games in the series). The original team was reassigned to produce Final Fantasy XV for the rest of their measurable lives. KH2:FM+ was eventually released internationally in KH2.5, and if I say much more… oh folks, this is already looking to be the longest entry in the entire retrospective, wouldn’t it be best if I just got to work?